What You can Expect from the LPAO Redesign

We’re excited to announce that the newest version of the Lexus Parts & Accessories Online website will launch soon. Designed with a convenient, intuitive shopping experience in mind, this redesign can help drive sales and draw more visitors to your site. 

What can you expect from this redesign?


The Home Page 

Crisp, sleek, modern. The new category photos on the homepage reflect the Lexus parts dealers sell and align perfectly with the brand the guests recognize and love.

The Assemblies Page

Guests will see larger, clearer parts images so that they know exactly what part will fit their vehicle before they purchase it. This feature will help further reduce cancellations and returns, helping dealers’ bottom line. 


Capture those brand new Lexus owners with accessories sales! By enticing owners to shop accessories, this feature helps establish a foundational relationship with the guest to drive them back to the dealer for other parts purchases and service. 


We’ve added a Featured Parts and Accessories section to the home page to highlight popular products to encourage additional sales. What’s more, it can also help drive more traffic to dealers’ sites, furthering their reach online. 

If you have questions about the new redesign, contact us today at support@simplepart.com or call us at 1-888-843-0425. We’ll answer all of your questions to keep you moving!