Pricing for Your Market

When you’re setting up your online site, it’s essential to take the time to figure out proper pricing for your parts and accessories store. It can be difficult to find the balance between profit and volume for your dealership, while still staying competitive in the market. This is where SimplePart’s easy-to-use Pricing Tiers can help. 

In the SimplePart Control Panel, there is a Pricing selection under the Settings menu. From here, you can set the various pricing tiers and matrices for your dealership. An example is shown below:

It is possible to set up multiple price tiers by product type, having different ones for parts, accessories, and maintenance items:

Qualifying SimplePart customers can receive the benefit of our Dealer Strategy team. Their experience means they can help you figure out the right pricing model to use on your site so it aligns with your business goals. We generally recommend a “Cost+X%” model, but you can also set a “List-X%” model. The Dealer Strategy team can explain the difference between these two models and help you make the best decision.

Whether you want to focus on selling parts, selling accessories, or selling for volume, SimplePart’s pricing tiers streamline the process. This makes it easier for your business to be competitive and profitable online.

Have additional questions about setting your pricing tiers? Contact our Support Team, available 24/7 by phone at (888) 843-0425, or by email at